May 29th - June 1st, 2025

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baklava dessert and coffee on a plate

Greek Style Café with Coffee & Sweets


  • Baklava $7

    A delicious Greek classic made up of layers of crispy phyllo dough, honey and nuts

  • Diples $5

    Thin sheets of dough that are folded while being friend into a crispy package that is drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon and grounded walnuts

  • Ekmek Kataifi $7

    Custard and whipped cream pastry with syrup – a festival crowd favorite

  • Galaktobouriko $7

    Golden crispy perfection – a traditional Greek dessert! Made with layers of golden brown crispy phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with the most creamy custard and bathed in a scented syrup – simply amazing!

  • Karidopita $6

    Walnut cake with honey – Fluffy and extra syrup! A mouthwatering Greek walnut cake recipe, scented with the aromas and blends of cinnamon and grounded clove

  • Kataifi $7

    Ana mazing dessert made with roughly chopped walnuts scented with ground clove and cinnamon, wrapped into buttery crispy kataifi dough and bather in lemon scented syrup

  • Koulourakia 6 for $5

    Buttery, fluffy and flavored with subtle hints of orange and vanilla, these cookies are the perfect treat with coffee or tea

  • Kourambiedes $2

    Delicious buttery Greek biscuits with a crunchy bite, a rich almond and butter flavor, and a mesmerizing rosewater smell, covered in powdered sugar

  • Melomakarona $2

    One of the most popular cookies/treats in Greece with their intense homely smell full of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg topped with walnuts

  • Ravani $5

    A sponge cake made with lemon zest and sweetened with syrup flavored orange zest *nut free


  • COLD
  • Frappe $5
  • Freddo Espresso $6
  • Freddo Cappuccino $7
  • HOT
  • Espresso $3 single
  • Espresso $5 double
  • Cappuccino $6
  • Greek Coffee $3
  • American Coffee $2
  • Tea $2