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St. Nicholas Greek Festival

Experience the Best of Greece in Babylon


Immerse Yourself in Greek Tradition and Flavors

Celebrate Greek heritage with mouthwatering cuisine, lively music, and vibrant traditions at the St. Nicholas Greek Festival. Join us in West Babylon, NY, as we transport you to the heart of Greece right in your own neighborhood.

At our festival, you’ll experience the warmth of Greek culture through every detail. Indulge in the irresistible aroma and taste of our authentic Gyros, flavorful dishes, and heavenly pastries. Dance to the rhythmic beats of Greece, where live music and traditional dances create an atmosphere of pure joy.

Join us at the St. Nicholas Greek Festival in West Babylon, NY, for an unforgettable celebration of Greek culture, flavors, and traditions. Let’s create memories together that will last a lifetime. Opa!

Enter for a Chance to Win Big!

Elevate the excitement of the St. Nicholas Greek Festival with our extraordinary Grand Raffle. Imagine the thrill of walking away with not only unforgettable memories but also $25,000 cash!

$100 per ticket

Your entry to this exclusive opportunity awaits for just $100. Not only do you increase your chances of winning, but you're also supporting the heartwarming initiatives of St. Nicholas Church.

$25,000 Grand Prize

The crown jewel of the raffle! A staggering $25,000 could be yours. Just think of the possibilities โ€“ that dream vacation, a home project, or a generous gift to a cause that matters.

Chance to Win 25 Prizes

But wait, there's more! With each ticket, you're entered into the draw for not just one, but 25 incredible prizes. From luxury items to unique experiences, every prize is a token of our appreciation for your participation.

By entering the Grand Raffle, you’re not just chasing prizes; you’re contributing to the spirit of the festival and the community it supports. Your participation enables us to continue our mission of celebrating Greek culture and making a positive impact.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make your summer unforgettable. Purchase your Raffle tickets today and cross your fingers for a chance to win big!

Indulge in the Flavors of Greece

Savor the richness of Gyros, authentic Greek dishes, and heavenly pastries, all meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Greece’s culinary heritage. At the heart of our festival is an exceptional food experience that combines tradition with innovation, ensuring every bite is a memorable journey through Greek flavors.

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From classic Moussaka to divine Baklava, experience a culinary journey like no other.

Let your taste buds travel through the Mediterranean as you relish these iconic dishes that have stood the test of time. Each bite carries a piece of Greek history and culture, lovingly prepared by our skilled chefs who take pride in using only the finest ingredients. This is more than food; it’s a glimpse into the soul of Greece, a testament to the traditions that have shaped its cuisine for generations.

Explore Authentic Greek Culture

There’s so much for you and your family to enjoy!

Dance to the Rhythms of Greece

Experience the energy and passion of traditional Greek dance forms

Discover Greek Artistry

Purchase unique souvenirs and handcrafted treasures to take home

Fun for the Whole Family

Enjoy family-friendly activities, games, and interactive shows

Tour our Beautiful Church

Embark on a guided tour of our sacred sanctuary and learn about its significance

Plan Your Greek Adventure

From Greek dance showcases to live performances, our schedule is packed with unforgettable moments.

Thursday 5/30

5 pm – 9 pm

Friday 5/31

5 pm – 11 pm

Saturday 6/1

12 pm – 11 pm

Sunday 6/2

12 pm – 9 pm

Raffle Prizes

The scene captures a vibrant raffle booth adorned with colorful decorations and banners

Secure Your Grand Raffle Ticket

Unlock your chance to win $25,000 cash!

Get your grand raffle ticket today

St. Nicholas Greek Church: A Legacy of Faith and Culture

For over 50 years, St. Nicholas Church has been a beacon of Greek culture, faith, and community spirit in Babylon, New York.

Our church actively supports local charities and community initiatives, spreading love and compassion.

Festival Flashback: Time-Travel Through Our Spectacular Moments

Journey Back in Pixels to Experience the Vibrancy of Past Festivals

st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoorsst nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors
st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 2st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 2
st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 3st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 3
st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 5st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 5
st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 4st nicholas greek church west babylon outdoors 4

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