Grand Raffle

Your Chance to Win Big and Support St. Nicholas Church

Get ready to take part in an exhilarating opportunity that not only promises exciting prizes but also contributes directly to the heart of our community, St. Nicholas Church.

The Grand Raffle is your ticket to win remarkable rewards while making a meaningful difference.

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St Nicholas Grand Raffle Ticket 2024

How It Works

  • Ticket Cost: Secure your chance to win by purchasing a $100 raffle ticket, knowing that every cent goes directly to supporting St. Nicholas Church.
  • Diverse Prizes: A total of 25 prizes are up for grabs, ranging from substantial cash rewards to high-value items, all of which are worth over $100 each.
  • Exciting Prizes: The top-tier rewards include the 1st prize of $25,000, the 2nd prize of $10,000, and the 3rd prize of $2,500. As if that weren’t enough, the 4th prize offers $1,000 to the lucky winner.
  • Drawing Date: The moment of anticipation arrives on Sunday night in the lively Taverna atmosphere, as the drawing takes place amidst excitement and camaraderie.
  • Live-Stream: Can’t be there in person? No problem! Join us virtually through our Facebook live stream to witness the electrifying drawing unfold.

Raffle Prizes

Participate from Anywhere:

Even if you’re unable to attend the drawing in person, you can still participate and potentially claim a prize. The Grand Raffle draws winners from all corners, so your chance to win remains strong.

Join us in making the Grand Raffle a resounding success for both the winners and our beloved St. Nicholas Church. Your support and participation contribute to the flourishing spirit of our community. Purchase your tickets, keep an eye on the drawing, and who knows? You could be celebrating a big win while making a significant impact.